Account Types

ChronoForge has both premium and free accounts, both of which can be played without crypto.

Free Accounts

Free accounts over an accessible way for gamers to get a taste of the universe:
  • Can access the overworld, crafting and first dungeon only
  • Cannot become members of a trading company and earn the premium game currency (reminder: this is an in-game, virtual currency with no liquidation into fiat possible)
  • Cannot mint characters, items, pets or mounts as NFTs
  • Can play six of the twelve combat classes
  • Can only play as one race

Premium Accounts

To become a premium account, players must either own an adventurer NFT or make a small one-time purchase.
  • Can access all areas of the game.
  • Can become a member of a trading company (player settlement)
  • Can earn the premium game currency used for unlocking additional classes, traits and minting NFTs
  • Can mint items, characters, pets and mounts as NFTs
  • Can unlock all combat classes and traits (any NFT character is playable immediately upon purchase).
  • Can play as one of several races