Account Types

Creating a game account is free, however you also need at least one character to play the game.
There are three character options:

Why have three ways of playing the game?

We recognise that in 12 months time the winners in this space will be those that can bring web2 gamers to their ecosystem. We need to recognise that web3 is intimidating and confusing for web2 gamers and provide a gentle on-ramp.
Our three character account types function as three phases in onboarding for web2 users.
  • Free to play characters: Provide a zero-risk way for web2 gamers to suss out whether a web3 game actually plays well. Free to play also gives us a sizable player base to grow the profile of the game outside of web3 circles.
  • Classic characters: Provide the first transition into paying customers who love our game enough to start paying for it but aren't yet ready for crypto.
  • Minted characters: Once players have built a love of the game content and accumulated some value (e.g. levelled up a character) they are then more open to a conversation regarding learning something about web3 tooling and ownership. This is where we give players the option to own and trade their valuable items and characters as NFTs.
There are upgrade paths between all three account types that allow you to retain your character.

What are Gen 3 Adventurers?

Generation 3 Adventurers are additional playable characters that will be added to the game ecosystem around game launch to allow the game to scale to a true MMO community of tens of thousands of players or more.
Gen 3 characters will be released in seasons of time-limited supply of particular races. There are two new races planned for Gen 3 season 1 characters:
  • Race A: for Free-to-play accounts
  • Race B: for Classic and Minted accounts
Only Minted Gen 3 characters will be NFTs and capable of earning NFTs.

Will Gen 1 and 2 Adventurers continue to be special?

Holders of Gen 1 and 2 Adventurers since launch will continue to be rewarded for their early interest in the game with unique perks. To summarise some of those benefits:
  1. 1.
    Gen 1 and 2 will continue to generate $Chronos, redeemable for useful in-game items. Gen 3 will not generate $Chronos.
  2. 2.
    Holders from launch already benefited from being able to mint a free Gen 2 adventurer NFT using $Chronos.
  3. 3.
    Holders of a larger number of adventurers since mint would also have accrued sufficient $Chronos to purchase a land NFT - arguably the most valuable NFT in the game.
  4. 4.
    Gen 1 and 2 adventurers come default equipped with a higher than average chance of Uncommon, Rare and Epic items and skins
  5. 5.
    Gen 1 and 2 races are of a fixed supply, which is substantially less than the planned supply of season 1 of Gen 3. Hence Gen 1 and Gen 2 races will remain rare, and likely become ultra-rare as adventurer fusing further shrinks the supply of those adventurers.
  6. 6.
    Only Gen 1 and 2 NFTs are rentable to other users.