Harvesting & Crafting

Harvesting Resources & Gear

Five forces drive the player economy of ChronoForge:

  1. Harvesting the overworld with hunting, fishing, mining and lumbering mini-games

  2. Upgrading your trading company vessel and vendors to produce the best gear

  3. Crawling dungeons for better crafting ingredients and gear

  4. Completing side quests for special recipes

  5. Activating a ChronoForge at your trading company to forge the highest tier gear

The overworld of Terra serves as a safe-zone (no combat) where players can socialise, navigate between trading companies and harvest natural resources. It is part lobby, part crafting and trading hub. You can chat with other players and show off your gear/pets/mount (like typical online lobby/social spaces).

Geography of Terra & Civilisations

The world of Terra consists of a large seismically unstable continent ringed by impassable chronostorms. Generations ago, in an effort to avoid the constant tremors and quakes of the surface, the people of Terra took to the sky in airships which have since formed trading companies. These trading companies now harvest the land from above, making only temporary expeditions on the surface.

Ruling Guilds

The Prospector's Guild are resource industry magnates that established a monopoly on mining activities. The Scholar's Guild are historians, scientists and conservationists, focused on understanding the past and preserving our future. The Aviator's Guild operates the airship routes between encampments and trading companies (the settlements inhabited by the people of Terra).

Chronos Storms

Chronostorms are nebulous thunderstorms charged with rift energy. It is said if you stare hard enough into the eye of a chronostorm you may catch a glimpse of a world on the other side. The world beyond the chronostorms has not been seen in written history, although archaeological evidence suggests that the borders of past great civilisations such as the Saurians and Megaloths once spanned well beyond the known realm.


Chronos is a recently discovered rare mineral that appears to have potential for several industrial applications including heating, super-strong alloys and magnetism. The Prospector's Guild is actively seeking new deposits of chronos and will handsomely reward any adventurers who can bring them additional samples of the crystal.

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