Balance and Claiming

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You can see your balance and claim your $CHRONOS from the Chronoforge website:


3. Now you can see the balance of your $CHRONOS, including the staked $CHRONOS. You will only be able to claim the available balance. The staked $CHRONOS will become claimable when you unstake.


1. To claim, simply select the button which says claim. Your MetaMask will pop up, and you will have to pay a gas fee to move your $CHRONOS from the website to your MetaMask wallet.

2. The first time you claim your $CHRONOS you will have to import the CHR token to your MetaMask, so you can see it (the CHR will still be in your wallet, you just won't see it yet).

3. To import the token, in your MetaMask, go to "Import Tokens":

4. Select "Custom Token":

5. In token address, insert the following: 0xa2EA5Cb0614f6428421a39ec09B013cC3336EFBe Token Symbol: CHR

6. "IMPORT" voila! You will now see your $CHRONOS in your MetaMask wallet. Much joy, very happiness.

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