Trading Companies & Politics

Trading companies are your upgradable crafting hub and home

Player-Driven Global Politics

The political system and world of Terra is not ruled by any particular kingdom, instead powerful trade guilds have established a trading network and monopolies on certain activities. The coalition of the three most powerful guilds (Prospectors, Scholars and Aviators) came together centuries ago to establish the first airship trading routes and form a loose kind of oligarchic government.

Those first airships have since formed formal trading companies with shareholder members (players) who govern their actions and upgrade paths.

What are Trading Companies?

Trading companies are part airship, part town, and are the central NPC and crafting hubs of the game. Trading company airships come in various sizes, will be upgraded through the cooperative efforts of players and can even engage in conflict with each other. The bigger and better the trading company, the better gear you will be able to craft.

Before becoming a member of a trading company a 'share' must be purchased, the value of which is dynamic based on the current economic strength of the company. Each adventurer character can only be a member of one settlement at a time, with a cooldown to any switch.

Upgrading Trading Companies

Trading company vessel upgrades require an enormous amount of raw materials with can be harvested from the overworld and dungeons below. Shareholders (player members) of a trading company will need to work together to accumulate enough resources to build bigger and better trading company structures.

Voting System

Shareholders then vote routinely on shareholder proposals for major changes in the game including which upgrade path to take the company airship and conflict with other trading companies. Some players get more votes than others based on vendor guild membership, prospecting deeds and other achievement factors.

Is there an advantage to having different adventurers in different trading companies?

Yes! Trading company shareholders are privy to proposals and planned actions that would be valuable information to adversaries or potential allies. Failure to take account of the intent of other trading companies could have devastating consequences in the long term. This is a thinking game, not just hack-and-slash.

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