Under active development: This section of the guide will be subject to frequent revision as game development progresses. Check back for more updates as we go!

The raiding component of Chronoforge is a real-time online multiplayer PvE dungeon crawler. Users can crawl dungeons with their friends, collect loot and upgrade their player and gear over time.

Dungeon instances are accessed via an open-world map and are between 3 and 20 players in size. Dungeons consist of five stages of increasing difficulty and rewards. At the end of each stage you will have the option to bail out with your loot or continue and risk losing some of your hard-earned plunder.

Randomisation & Replayability

We understand that core to a sustainable game economy is establishing a long tail to game enjoyment and item utility.

To bolster replayability we are employing several strategies

  1. The layout and challenges of dungeons change dramatically each run. There are optional paths, short-cuts, variably-paced mini-bosses, trap rooms and more to keep you on your toes.

  2. Enemies, their traits and locations in dungeons are randomised, meaning different strategies may have to be employed on each run through.

  3. Combat experiences are genuinely different between classes

  4. Combat is highly dependent on the 'human' factor of cooperative play, which introduces a significant degree of randomness to outcomes.

  5. Loot drops are randomised, to ensure multiple runs are required to get a specific desired items.

Rewards & XP

Players will be rewarded for killing enemies based on loot dropped, which can include game gold, crafting materials, and even weapons and armour from powerful enemies. All items start as server-based and can be converted to NFTs using an amount of $RIFT (varying based on the item level and type).

Players will also be rewarded XP, the amount will vary depending on the level of the enemy vs. the level of the player. Players will level up with sufficient XP, increasing basic battle statistics and unlocking the ability to equip higher level items. This will form an incentive cycle, allowing players to take on the more powerful enemies in larger raids.

Difficulty Curve

We want to ensure that raiding is accessible to both casual gamers and those that enjoy a ‘tough’ grind. Despite being an action RPG, we would prefer this dungeon experience to be more ‘hack and slash’ than a slow, painful crawl. We want most players to have fun and enjoy the artistic experience rather than spend hours strategizing how to clear a single room.

Smaller team dungeons (5 players) are less difficult (although they can be fast paced), and give players time to fall in love with their characters, the enemies, scenery and music without wiping-out too many times.

For the larger raid dungeon areas (10+ players) we expect players to fail to complete their objectives at least 50% of the time. These dungeons should require more tactical thinking and stocking up on potions and/or better gear.

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