The Tokens

The ChronoForge token economy consists of NFTs (adventurers, mounts, pets and loot) usable in game, server currencies and a utility token ($Chronos) specific to holders of gen 1 and 2 adventurers. Each adventurer NFT is a playable character in our action RPG. ChronoForge NFTs can all technically be described as ERC-721 standard tokens.

The Blockchain

ChronoForge is a hybrid-chain NFT project that makes use of both the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain protocol and Immutable X layer 2 protocol for scalability. The Ethereum Mainnet is the most popular blockchain amongst NFTs traders and served as an effective fund-raising launch-pad for our project. However, the Mainnet suffers from slow event throughput, high transaction fees and environmentally-costly compute that make it unsuitable for massive mainstream games. The Immutable X protocol is carbon-neutral layer 2 to Ethereum that removes expensive transaction fees from the NFT creation process and allows us to support thousands of NFT creation and trade events per second. The vast majority of our game tokens, including playable characters, will live on Immutable X because of these inherit scaling and ethical advantages. You can read more about the differences between Immutable X and other NFT scaling solutions here.
Tokens can be transferred between Immutable X and the Ethereum Mainnet, should owners choose to do so.

Genesis Adventurer NFTs

There are currently 7500 genesis adventurer NFTs. These are the core NFTs required to access our token utility ecosystem.
Upon launch of the RPG, new adventurer races will be made available that can optionally be minted as NFTs on Immutable X in unlimited supply (but at a cost to the player of gameplay achievements).

Will Genesis Adventurers continue to be special?

Holders of Gen 1 and 2 Adventurers since launch will continue to be rewarded for their early interest in the game with unique perks. To summarise some of those benefits:
  1. 1.
    Gen 1 and 2 races are of a fixed supply. Hence Gen 1 and Gen 2 races will remain rare, and likely become ultra-rare as adventurer fusing further shrinks the supply of those adventurers.
  2. 2.
    Gen 1 and 2 will continue to generate $Chronos, redeemable for useful in-game items. Gen 3 will not generate $Chronos.
  3. 3.
    Holders from launch already benefited from being able to mint a free Gen 2 adventurer NFT using $Chronos.
  4. 4.
    Holders of a larger number of adventurers since mint would also have accrued sufficient $Chronos to purchase a land NFT - arguably the most valuable NFT in the game.
  5. 5.
    Gen 1 and 2 adventurers come default equipped with a higher than average chance of Uncommon, Rare and Epic items and skins

Other NFTs

In the lead up to game launch and during gameplay a number of other types of NFTs will become available.
Pets - seasons 1 and 2 have already dropped! Read more.
Land - the foundation of the RPG map. Read more.
Mounts - currently only available by staking adventurers. Read more.
Gear - dropped by enemies during gameplay.