What is ChronoForge?

Reclaiming a time-fractured world, one adventure at a time.
ChronoForge is a free to play multiplayer action RPG being developed by Minted Loot Studios. The game can be played with or without crypto and NFTs. Players can enjoy fast-paced 'hack and slash' combat through a variety of visually-rich randomised dungeons, in addition to a collaborative base-building and crafting economy. Our genesis collection of Adventurer NFT characters sold out in January 2022. Playable characters and valuable loot can all be minted as carbon-neutral NFTs owned and traded by players.
If you've been waiting for a genuinely fun, sustainable and beautiful web3 gaming experience - this is it! Our project is supported by a community of over ~80,000 on Twitter and Discord where you can enjoy games, giveaways and development sneak-peeks.

Getting Started

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible: