Adventurer NFTs

Adventurers are playable characters in ChronoForge and will receive 5% of the supply of $RIFT as an airdrop at TGE to kickstart the economy. *conditions apply

There are 7500 genesis adventurer NFTs. These are the core NFTs required to access our token utility ecosystem. Each genesis adventurer NFT is a playable character in our action RPG. ChronoForge NFTs can all technically be described as ERC-721 standard tokens.

You can purchase them from other players on our Opensea Collection.

Upon launch of the RPG, new adventurer races will be made available that can optionally be minted as NFTs on Immutable zkEVM in unlimited supply (but at a cost to the player of gameplay achievements).

What makes Genesis Adventurers Special?

Holders of genesis adventurers are rewarded for their early interest in the game with unique perks. To summarise some of those benefits:

  1. The 10 Genesis Adventurer races are of a fixed supply. Hence these races will remain rare, and likely become ultra-rare as adventurer fusing further shrinks the supply of those adventurers.

  2. Genesis Adventurers come default equipped with a higher than average chance of Uncommon, Rare and Epic items and skins

  3. Only Genesis Adventurers can crew airships and deeds to increase voting rewards.

Adventurer Staking

Yes you stake your adventurers for various rewards!

  • Before Game Launch: staking your adventurers will earn you rare mount NFTs

  • After Game Launch: adventurers can be staked to either Prospecting Deed and Airships NFTs to multiply the $RIFT rewards for holding those assets and participating in trading company votes.

Learn more about staking

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