Economy Sustainability


Guiding everything we build at Minted Loot is the desire to build a long-lasting and competitive NFT-gaming ecosystem. Achieving such longevity requires building games that are both first-class gameplay experiences and sustainable economies that can draw both web3 and web2 users.

Why will this be the strongest economy in web3 gaming?

  1. Outstanding game quality & accessibility: Big game economies require the most entertaining and accessible gameplay experiences to reach and sustain AAA player activity levels. Our high fidelity 3D world, realtime multiplayer combat and novel weekly world events are appealing to an enormous number of gamers. By also making the game free to play and all web3 features ‘opt-in’, we have designed for one of the largest addressable markets of all games in web3.

  2. Compelling asset utility in game: Our assets are not abstract jpegs that tick-over points on a website - they are living 3D assets with major roles in our game including exquisite playable characters, mounts, gear, pets and airships. When you build game assets that players love for their gameplay utility and art they will hold onto those assets regardless of speculative highs and lows in the trading economy.

  3. Tunable systems of supply and consumption: Every aspect of asset supply in the game scales appropriately with player activity levels - from crafting item drop rates that vary based on item circulation, to $RIFT rewards tied to player participation in game governance. Every item also has compelling reasons to be consumed, such as fusing of multiple NFTs, deconstructing NFTs during crafting and staking NFTs for increased rewards.

Below we summarise some of the key mechanisms we are using to prevent common pitfalls in NFT-gaming economies such as over-supply and intensive farming.

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