Anti-Bot Measures

Supply throttling without other specific anti-bot design considerations would simply lead to farmers and bots harvesting the majority of game resources to the detriment of regular, less-intensive players. Therefore we have designed numerous additional game mechanisms that disrupt intensive farming activity.

Yield Relative to Activity/Combat Complexity

The most economically rewarding items in the game can only be obtained through raiding combat, which by its highly randomised procedural nature is likely insurmountable for bots and intellectually intensive for farmers. The simplest resource harvesting activities produce only basic ingredients which on their own (even in large quantities) are insufficient to produce NFTs items or other items of high quality.

Enemy Randomisation

Raiding is the source of primary materials required for most NFT items in the game economy. By using procedurally generated dungeons with randomised enemies and enemy traits, players will not be able to predict when enemies that drop specific items will appear. This will disrupt attempts by players to aggressively farm supply of a particular good.

Time-Sensitive Bonuses

Different dungeons, classes, races and elemental builds will receive bonus drop rates and other yields in combat based on randomised daily and weekly events. This unpredictability makes it difficult for farmers to calculate their yield and gives regular players a better chance to compete in resource gathering through well-timed playing sessions rather than constant grinding.


$RIFT must always be spent to extract tradable NFT items from the economy. This paywall effectively increases the base cost for any botting or farming activity.

Level Requirements

Minimum level requirements for NFT character-fusing, equipping high-tier equipment and defeating certain enemies all serve to ensure that new accounts cannot quickly become powerful. Hence any attempted farming operation would need to make a significant time investment in the game before attaining a power level sufficient to farm valuable items.

Account Health

Older accounts with a history of purchases will be subject to reduced time-sickness effects. This ensures that loyal players who have invested in the game can outcompete farmers with newer accounts to complete game objectives and attain rewards.

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