Preventing 'Pay to Win'

Although this is a PVE game, several mechanisms have been introduced to prevent wealthy players from dominating in-game achievements:

  1. Unlike items crafted or earnt in game, items bought from the game shop do not increase combat effectiveness

  2. Combat statistics are primarily dependent on gear, not character

  3. Characters require a minimum level to equip more powerful gear

  4. Characters require a minimum level before being to fuse into a more powerful character. The fusing process also reduces the supply of high-level characters on the secondary market.

  5. The crafting process requires burning the previous tier of items, thus reducing excess supply circulating on secondary markets.

  6. Randomness of dungeon combat bonuses based on daily and weekly achievements will ensure that every class and race will ‘have its day’ in the calendar month where it is a bit more powerful.

  7. Combat success is driven by skill and complimentary-class combat. A single very well equipped player will still fail miserably in combat if they do not effectively work with other players and adjust their strategies depending on the enemy and environment.

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