NFT Fusing

Burning multiple NFTs to produce a singular superior NFT.

This section describes game features under active development. Expect to see more info and changes over time!

What is fusing?

Following game launch, we plan to introduce a feature called 'fusing' which allows players to combine three Adventurer, Gear or Pet NFTs into a single superior Adventurer or Pet NFT. This process destroys two of the three NFTs used.

What are the limits?

  • Fusing will require using NFTs that share particular traits (e.g. race)

  • Fusing will require using NFTs over a particular level. This helps prevent dumping of high-tier characters on the market and resulting distortion of average player power-levels and game progression patterns.

  • Fusing will require an item earnt through gameplay

  • Fusing will require spending $RIFT

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