Pet NFTs

My adventurer is lonely. Gimme pet!

ChronoForge adventurers are accompanied by pet NFTs that provide statistical boosts during RPG gameplay. Pets have different move sets and buffs applied, with rarer quality pets providing better buffs in the RPG.

Below are some example pets from our existing partners. These are being remodeled in 3D and will appear in world alongside your adventurer characters.


Immutable X Pet Collection

Opensea Pet Collection

How do I earn a pet?

There are three ways to get pets, other than secondary marketplaces:

  • Partner pets (partner project dual holders)

  • $Chronos summoning (coming soon)

  • In-game drops (coming not as soon)

Pets are exclusive to each of the three channels - i.e. you can never get a partner pet via any other means than the season air drop.

Partner Projects Dual Holders

Pets are released in seasons to anyone that holds an Adventurer NFT for the full duration of a 'snapshot' window (typically 2 weeks) and then also holds a partner project NFT (e.g. a Kaiju King) by the end of the snapshot.

The first 2 seasons pet drops have been completed. There is a third a final season of partner pet drops approaching. Check our Discord announcements channel to see when it begins and which partner projects are eligible.

Partner Pets FAQs

Will staked adventurers still be eligible to receive the airdrop? Our pet air drop process will recognize staked adventurers.

Will staked partner NFTs still be eligible to receive a pet? Yes! Our clever devs can check if your NFT is staked and you will still be airdropped your partner pet.

How do I receive the airdrop? Airdrops will be received in IMX. You need to ensure you’ve connected your metamask to IMX and undergone the steps to acquire an IMX key. If you have any problems with this step, please ask IMX staff for assistance. The IMX site is

Can I buy pets off secondary? Yes, you can buy pets off both IMX and OS. Pet links are: ChronoForge Pets IMX: ChronoForge Pets Opensea:

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