Quick Breakdown

Just because NFTs and other blockchain assets in Chronoforge may be tradable on marketplaces does not mean you should try to earn a living wage or expect to profit overall from playing a game. Any game that claims 'everyone will earn' by playing is a ponzi-scheme. Some players may profit from the game but don't plan your life or finances around it.

The economy of Chronoforge is both ‘in game’ and real world, as many assets in the game can be traded as NFTs. Characters and loot generated in game start as purely server-based items. Minting those items/characters as NFTs requires completing in-game achievements and burning $RIFT.


  • Genesis Adventurer NFTs: 7500 playable characters in ten limited edition races on the Ethereum Mainnet. Can be staked to Support Airships and Prospecting Deeds to increase $RIFT rewards. [SOLD OUT]

  • Support Airship NFTs: 2500 airships capable of supporting dungeon raids and harvesting. Minted on Ethereum Mainnet. Eligible for $RIFT rewards in return for voting in game on world events. Require ETH to purchase.

  • Prospecting Deed NFTs: 500 titles to land providing extra trading company votes and taxation of other players. Eligible for $RIFT rewards in return for voting in game on world events. Requires $CHRONOS to purchase.

  • Mounts, Gear & Pet NFTs: Created by converting server-based items / characters into NFTs (requires $RIFT) or provided as staking rewards prior to game launch. Minted on the Immutable X layer 2 to Ethereum. [ AVAILABLE NOW ]

  • Non-Genesis Adventurer NFTs: Created by converting max-level server-based adventurers into NFTs (requires $RIFT). Minted on the Immutable X layer 2 to Ethereum [ AVAILABLE AT GAME LAUNCH ]

Utility Tokens

  • $RIFT: Fixed supply primary utility token, required to mint any NFTs directly from the game.

  • $CHRONOS: Unlimited supply legacy utility token used to facilitate breeding of Genesis Adventurers and minting of Prospecting Deeds. To be discontinued following the launch of $RIFT.


ChronoForge is a hybrid-chain NFT project that makes use of both the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain protocol and Immutable X layer 2 protocol for scalability. The Immutable X protocol is carbon-neutral layer 2 to Ethereum that removes expensive transaction fees from the NFT creation process and allows us to support thousands of NFT creation and trade events per second.

Tokens can be transferred between Immutable X and the Ethereum Mainnet, should owners choose to do so.

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