Lock your NFTs in an untradeable state to earn loyalty rewards such as NFTs or $RIFT governance reward multipliers.

What is staking?

Staking is where you lock an NFT into a smart contract to earn rewards. While your NFT is staked you won't see it in your wallet on Opensea or Immutable X - in fact it will live in the staking contract wallet until you are ready to unstake it.

In the case of ChronoForge, you can stake your adventurer at and see your staked adventurers.

Staking Prior to Game Launch

Our adventurer NFTs can currently be staked for 90 days to unlock various mount NFTs. The current reward is the Arctic War Boar (pictured above). There is a minimum staking period of 7 days, during which time you will not be able to unstake your adventurer.

Staking After Game Launch

The current program of NFT mount rewards for adventurer staking will end upon commencement of $RIFT governance rewards. Any adventurers staked before this date will still receive the current mount reward up to 90 days later.

This minimum staking period will also increase to 30 days to align with $RIFT payout cycles.

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