How to claim rewards?

If you are looking to claim $RIFT rewards, they aren't commencing until game launch! We will update this guide at the time with more information. Until then, you can enjoy mount NFT rewards!

If you stake for 90 days you will receive an Arctic War Boar:

To be eligible to receive the free mount (it will be airdropped automatically on IMX), you must stake for 90 days continuously.

You also must go to the Immutable X (IMX) site, before the 90 days is completed, and connect your wallet (sign all 3-4 prompts to create an account and key). This will create a wallet for you on the Immutable X marketplace. If you don’t have an immutable X connected wallet, you won’t be able to receive your mount.

Claim your mount

After you've staked for 90 days, and connected your wallet, you can check on your progress on the staking page on the website.

You will see the countdown on each staked individual:

DO NOT UNSTAKE until you see "Ready To Claim" in blue. Then you can unstake, and as long as you have already connected your wallet to IMX, your mount will drop into your IMX account in less than 10 minutes!

If you have any problems, go to our server and open a ticket.

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