Staking for $RIFT Reward Multipliers

Increase your $RIFT governance rewards by staking adventurers to powerful assets.

To reward powerful players who contribute to weekly trading company votes, 30% of the supply will be distributed monthly over 3 years, commencing at game launch to holders of Support Airship NFTs and Prospecting Deed NFTs (if adventurer-staked) who participate in trading company votes. All distributions will be subject to a 90 day lock.

Upgrading your airship or land through staking adventurers does not increase the total amount of $RIFT allocated to the community that month. Instead, your upgrades effectively cannibalise share of the monthly allocation from other holders who are less upgraded (you get more and others get less). This important distinction means that the total release rate of $RIFT is not dictated by stakers, which helps preventing aggressive compounding spikes in supply as have occurred in other game token economies.

Adventurer Staking Multipliers

  • Prospecting deeds (required):

    • Deed holders must stake at least one adventurer to their deed to be eligible for trading company governance rewards.

    • Up to 5 adventurers can be staked to a prospecting deed to linearly increase the share of $RIFT rewards from that month’s allocation by up to 150%.

  • Support Airships (optional):

    • Airship holders do not need to stake adventurers to be eligible for trading company governance rewards, but can optionally stake up to three adventurers to increase their share of $RIFT from that month’s allocation by up to 90%.

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