Support Airship NFTs

Support airships are a new type of NFT usable in ChronoForge to assist players in dungeon runs and eligible for $RIFT gameplay governance rewards. Minting late 2023!

Airships NFT Collection

2500 support airship NFTs minted out in just 7 minutes on 8 December.

You can now purchase them here:


Support airships come in several varieties with different in-game utilities:

  • Raider: Provides a limited number of airstrikes during a dungeon run in addition to increasing party crit chance.

  • Apothecary: Provides a limited number of instant revives, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of potions during dungeon runs.

  • Miner: Facilitates in-dungeon crafting and increases the drop rate of inorganic materials in both dungeons and the overworld.

  • Harvester: Facilitates in-dungeon crafting and increases the drop rate of organic materials in both dungeons and the overworld.

  • Hauler: Facilitates in-dungeon vendoring for gold and increases the elite mob drop rate of gold and complete items (equipable armor, weapons, consumables etc).

Airships of the same class may come in different configurations and rarities, producing slightly superior in-game performance. Only one support airship is usable by a raiding party at a time.

$RIFT Gameplay Governance Rewards

Participation by powerful players in a system of player-governed ‘trading companies’ is pivotal to the core gameplay loop of ChronoForge. Decisions made by trading companies will collectively make or break the game world, impacting all players.

To incentivize players to vote regularly in trading company decisions, an amount of $RIFT will be distributed to players that hold powerful assets (airships and prospecting deeds) and vote regularly at trading companies.

Commencing at game launch, 15% of the supply of $RIFT will be distributed monthly over 3 years to holders of support airship NFTs that have also voted in a trading company decision each month. All distributions will be subject to a 90 day lock.

Adventurer Staking Multiplier

Airship holders do not need to stake adventurers to be eligible for trading company governance rewards, but can optionally stake up to three adventurers to increase their share of $RIFT from that month’s allocation by up to 90%.

Upgrading your airship through staking adventurers does not increase the total amount of $RIFT allocated to the community that month. Instead, your upgrades effectively cannibalise share of the monthly allocation from other holders who are less upgraded (you get more and others get less). This important distinction means that the total release rate of $RIFT is not dictated by stakers, which helps preventing aggressive compounding spikes in supply as have occurred in other game token economies.

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