Rift Pass NFTs

A rift pass gives you access to competitive season/s of ChronoForge.

We strongly recommend obtaining your $RIFT pass using an Immutable Passport wallet for easy, gasless trading until 2025. https://passport.immutable.com/

What is a Rift Pass?

A Rift Pass is an NFT which is your ticket to enter ChronoForge competition seasons. Simply hold the NFT pass to be able to participate.

What is are ChronoForge Competition Seasons?

Each three to four-month season all Rift Pass holders will be ranked based on achieving certain objectives in ChronoForge. Your rank determines your share (if any) of the season prize pool. The prize pool for season one is a massive 6 Million $RIFT!

Do I need a Rift Pass to play ChronoForge?

No. The game is free to play and does not require knowledge or use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. However, if you'd like to compete for $RIFT token prizes, you will need to obtain a Rift Pass NFT.

Where can I get a Rift Pass?

You can now only acquire Rift Passes from other players on marketplaces like TokenTrove.

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